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A grassroots advocacy group dedicated to the preservation of our healthy non-infested trees.
84,859 of our trees have been destroyed by our government.
   only 17,413 of them had ALB in them!
    67,446 were not confirmed infested but were destroyed "in case".
Information as of July 27, 2016 via ALB Cooperative Eradication Program Media Update
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Trees that we could have saved

Your government surveyed these trees in 2013 and
found no infestation.  In 2014 they were found
to be infested and have been destroyed.

Why were they not protected by treatment instead?  Save our trees -
it's  "Time to Treat" = T3
Click here for a list of officials to call and/or write

The Bethel Asian Longhorned Beetle Citizens Cooperative, Inc. has succeeded in ensuring the rights of the property owners affected by the Ohio ALB infestation.  We stood together through the many objections and confrontations against those that wish to promote the removal of the whole host list of trees from our land.  Subsequently, the May 2013 Environmental Assessment is clear as to the rights of property owners regarding the current Ohio eradication efforts, specifically the preservation of our healthy non-infested trees.  Though we strongly encourage and advocate for the decision to chemically treat non-infested trees, we also support a property owner's rights to choose to allow the stripping of their land for whatever reason.  

This is what we fought for and won - RIGHTS!

Now the decision has come down to destroy 7200 trees, healthy or not, in the "Wildlife Area" adjacent to East Fork State Park. This area is owned by the federal government (your governments) which decided to remove federally owned trees (your trees) from federally owned property (your property).  However, we the people are not powerless to express our opinion and evoke change.  We call upon you, the concerned citizens of Tate Township and Bethel and the entire state of Ohio, to reach out to your elected officials to protect and preserve the 1000's of healthy non-infested trees in the East Fork State Park Wildlife Area.
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If you have ever heard anyone from USDA, ODA or OSU talk about how Chicago got rid of the ALB,  here are the numbers from 11/19/11 that they don't tell you about:

Infested trees: 1,551   Total removed (healthy and infested): 1,771 =
220 healthy trees cut

Healthy, treated trees:  290,991

290,991 treated
with Imidacloprid.

and that is how they eradicated this beetle from the state of Illinois.

Check out more of  "The Numbers" here,

We are dedicated to achieving a common sense approach to the containment as well as the complete elimination of the
Asian Longhorned Beetle

from our area using the best science and the least destructive methods available.
small circle
X equals one infested tree.
The USDA could be cutting
 503 acres of healthy, non-infested trees beyond each infested tree - instead of providing tree-saving, effective treatment that they have successfully provided in other areas.  Help us save trees.

Join the hundreds of contributors who are supporting the effort.

please make checks payable to:
Bethel ALB
Citizens Cooperative, Inc.
and mail to:
Bethel ALB Tree Defense Fund
2756 Wilson Road
Bethel, OH 45106
or use button for Paypal contribution:
(We are a registered, non-profit organization, with a 501(c)-3 status.  Please check with your tax advisor as to the deductibility of your contribution.)

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The Bethel Alb CC, Inc. is presenting this information as a community service. 

We have compiled what we believe to be factual information.  In the event this material is not accurate we assume no liability whatsoever