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All of these are actual responses that have been submitted.  We are publishing them as an attempt to help those who may need an example to follow to help them write their own response.  Please make your response fit what YOU wish to express about the EA.  Deadline is July 9.  Do not wait!
The Official Response from the Village of Bethel
2013 Response of the BALBCC EA Committee
2012 Response of the BALBCC EA Committee
Response from Bethel's City Manager
A comprehensive, fairly in depth example
This response was accompanied by a cover letter that was signed and dated with some personal information about the individual property owner.  Such information gives credence but is not required.
From Personal Experience
A single sheet response example
EA response "card" example (given out by USDA)
"Term paper" style
Comment from outside "the zone"
Another "outside the zone"
some of us find this to be the most clear and concise comment to date.
With cost analysis to us
Financial analysis begins on page 6
Family uses woods
"The Lorax" response
Wins the cutest response award
Clearly the most persuasive in its own way.