Get to Know the Asian Longhorned Beetle
The Bethel ALB Cooperative is a grassroots advocacy group dedicated to the preservation of our healthy non-infested trees.
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male and female

The Asian Longhorned Beetle is a large beetle,
1 to 1 1/2 inches.
Life cycle of the asian longhorned beetle in my tree 
alb vs woodpecker

Some differences between the ALB exit holes and woodpecker holes.  ALB exit holes have tiny mandible marks, but appear quite uniform to the naked eye.  The holes are round and measure about 3/8" diameter.
Life Stages

The different life cycles within the tree before emergence

holey log

Multiple ovipositer sites (egg laying spots), exit holes and frass in a cut log.
ovipositer site

If you find this little mark (ovipositor site) and wonder if it's ALB, then slice a small piece to see if there is the enzyme stain from an Asian Longhorned Beetle.
multiple grubs

One slice, lots of larvae.  This tree was only 10" in diameter and was riddled with holes.  These larvae stayed alive long enough to climb deeper and disappear from sight within an hour.
The one larva that did not get cut lived for months in our warm winter, exposed to the elements, it nearly doubled in size.

ALB bug

Adult Male