Pictures From and About Bethel
The SW Ohio ALB Cooperative is a grassroots advocacy group dedicated to the preservation of our healthy non-infested trees.
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Before and after BarbicksHarmony Hills Wilson exit  facing Mrs Cooks Property
Barbick's property before and after                                                                This is the exit from the Harmony Hill Vineyard's Winery.  These are both facing Mrs. Cook's property. 
before an after my yard
The McCarthy's yard after the first year of cutting
Troop 196Boy Scout planting at Laura'sBick Elementary Woods
A new hope from the Boy Scouts - heavily infested stand of trees by the Bick Elementary School
1 pine 2 pinedug up dirt
Chewed up pines and chewed up ground.  Damage occurring in our area.
The contractor was filling stump holes with mulch instead of the contracted topsoil.
Cincinnati HOme and Garden Show 2012CH&GShow2SaveOurTrees2 munchkintattoo
Working to educated people at the Cincinnati Home & Garden Show.  Thanks to Back Tree Service

Tree cllimber looking for oviposition sites and exit holesTree jumpimgAnother ALB tree climber from the USDASmall oviposition on a very big tree
Tree climbers at the McCarthy's going way out of their way to show the infestations.  Sliced off a piece of bark with an oviposition mark in it that I can't imagine anyone even finding on such large trees.
Tamaras daffodil bedhow it got like that
Tamara's daffodil bed was churned into mud soup.
Tamara O'Brien's driveway destroyed along with her trees.
Smashing the cherry tree
Smashing into trees that are non-host
and uninfested.
The Rose backyard
The Rose yard on week 1 of cutting.
maple tree

Maple tree showing egg pit and

adult Asian Longhorned Beetle
Before and After shots on Swings Corner Road in Bethel, Ohio
The Weber-Pitman home
the killing of a tree
The life and death of a tree.
cutter in tree

Cutter in tree 
The Simmons Kids before and after
Doug Simmon's children missing their swing.
tree hugging

We love our trees in Bethel
crane cutting
chunked up tree grubs
The reason why they have to go.
devastation rainbow over trees
Rainbow over our Tate Township trees.
blue dotted trees
Trees marked with blue dots.  USDA and ODA intend to cut them.  We want these trees saved
falling tree  sign at the bank